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When Spring Chief Executive Dan Hesse was asked by reporters in Detroit about whether Sprint would start selling the Apple iPhone, the CEO declined to answer, saying that his company “does not reveal conversations it has with third parties.”

However, many think that Sprint will follow in Verizon’s footsteps and sell the iPhone, first, because the CDMA variant of the iPhone Apple is making for Verizon is also compatible with  Sprint’s network in the US. Also, Sprint featured the iPhone in a commercial that was aired last March. It showed its 4G network being tethered to the iPhone over Wifi, telling customers to “make your iPhone 4G.”

AppleInsider | Sprint CEO offers ‘no comment’ on possibility of gaining Apple’s iPhone.


Verizon’s Announcement

Verizon has finally announced that it will be carrying the iPhone 4 starting this year! This highly anticipated announcement was covered by several sites, including Gizmodo, ArsTechnica, and Wired. It is expected that with this announcement, Apple will get around 4 million new users!

However, by some, this isn’t considered big news because to get the unlimited data plan that will be offered, people have to sign a two-year contract. This is bad news to some because in June, Apple will probably come out with a newer version of the iPhone anyways, so I suggest to just wait a few months.

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Verizon iPhone Announcement

Remember that article about the iPhone coming to Verizon? Well the day is finally here! Tomorrow, at 11AM Easter time, Verizon will be hosting a press conference announcing something. The most probable being its announcement that it will be carrying the iPhone 4 this year.

Several sites will be covering this national event such as Gizmodo (linked at the bottom), ArsTechnica, and Wired. Check these sites out and be sure to comment about the announcement!

Verizon iPhone Announcement Meta Live Coverage Tomorrow at 11AM EST.

Remember that article about Verizon announcing that it will start carrying the iPhone 4 this year? Well now someone from the company has said that it will offer an unlimited data plan for $30.

AT&T offers its iPhone users 2 data plans; the biggest of which offers 2GB of data for $25. It’s a bit cheaper than Verizon’s, but I personally prefer to have unlimited just so there is no fear of going over the limit. This was a great move by Verizon because most people tend to like unlimited plans as opposed to limited ones. Even though AT&T has said that with the 2GB plan you can watch 20o hours of Youtube videos each month, you never know when you might go over that 2 gigs.

Last year, AT&T also offered an unlimited plan, but has long since gotten rid of it in order to generate revenue from the rising data usage from smartphones.

We have yet to see how long Verizon will sell its unlimited plan, but let’s all hope that they don’t get rid of it.

Verizon to Offer iPhone Users Unlimited Data – WSJ.com.


Verizon is set to announce that they are going to start carry the iPhone 4 in their service next Tuesday in a press conference. It has long been rumored that Verizon was going to do this, but now it is almost a reality.

The impact this is going to have on AT&T is going to be massive, as they will not be the only ones selling one of the best-selling smartphones in the US. Also, it will cause other major cellphone companies, like Sprint and T-mobile, to be left in the dust of these two major carriers.

In my opinion, more people are going to start buying iPhones from Verizon instead of from AT&T
because it is widely known that Verizon has much better service. If you’re going to pay $100+ on a smartphone, you might as well be able to use it wherever and whenever you want.

AppleInsider | WSJ: Verizon to announce CDMA iPhone 4 on Tuesday.

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