Motorola is on a roll at this year’s CES! First the Motorola Xoom (a tablet worth of the iPad), the Atrix 4G (revolutionary netbook shell), and now the Droid Bionic!

The Droid features a dual-core processor, 512 MB of RAM, a 4.3-inch qHD screen that delivers “console-quality” graphics, an HDMI port, and 1080p video playback. Clearly, Motorola packed a lot of hardware into this phone.

As far as speed, it is the best of the best.  According to the senior vice president of portfolio and device product management Alain Mutricy, “Droid Bionic is the epitome of speed, providing consumers with instantaneous access to their personal and work content, anytime and anyplace.”

Verizon has said that the Droid Bionic will have corporate email, data security and encryption capabilities, and remote wipe, making it a perfect work device. It also will feature productivity tools such as Quickoffice for those who need to review and edit documents on the go. Finally, it will of course come with a full bundle of Google apps and services.

Unfortunately, we have no idea as to how expensive this phone is going to be, as Verizon has not disclosed any details about pricing or availability.

I hope Motorola can live up to the hopes that it has given to consumers and deliver with quality products.

Motorola Reveals Droid Bionic, Xoom for Verizon.