That’s right. The iPad now has a new contender worthy of its prestige; the Motorola Xoom. It was revealed at CES 2011 and is the first Android Honeycomb tablet. It weighs a little more than the Samsung Galaxy Tab but around the same weight as the iPad.

Right as you turn it on, the home screen amazes you. It looks complex, but is simple at the same time. Everything you need is right there, with a very sexy feel to it. The apps are designed to take advantage of the screen resolution. For instance, the Gmail widget has a scrollable inbox, and the Calender shows all your appointments for each day.

Most of the apps that come with the phone have been tweaked to take full advantage of the screen. The web browser, Google Chrome, uses the same tab style as on a desktop. One really cool feature is that the Youtube app shows videos in a 3D wall, similar to Safari’s new-tab page. Also, in Google maps, you can choose 3D mode, which displays the outline of buildings in over 100 cities.

This tablet definitely has the stuff to compete head-on with the iPad.

Motorola Xoom review: First Look | IT PRO Reviews.