PixelOptics has given us a glimpse at is emPower! eyeglasses. These special glasses make your vision a lot clearer depending on what you are doing due to an LCD-like layer in the glass that can be focused with an electrical charge. When set on “automatic,” the glasses’ built-in accelerometer detects when your head dips down – such as when you read – and triggers the glasses’ focal area for presbyopia. It can also be set on manual, and to trigger the change, you just swipe your finger on the frame.

The set comes with the glasses and an inductive charger which keeps it running for a few days.

The unfortunate part, is that that these glasses cost…*drumroll please*…a whopping $1200! So you you’re willing to pay that kind of money for better vision, all the power to you. Personally, I’d just get laser eye surgery until this price drops some.

PixelOptics emPower! electronic eyeglasses hands-on — Engadget.