Remember that article about Verizon announcing that it will start carrying the iPhone 4 this year? Well now someone from the company has said that it will offer an unlimited data plan for $30.

AT&T offers its iPhone users 2 data plans; the biggest of which offers 2GB of data for $25. It’s a bit cheaper than Verizon’s, but I personally prefer to have unlimited just so there is no fear of going over the limit. This was a great move by Verizon because most people tend to like unlimited plans as opposed to limited ones. Even though AT&T has said that with the 2GB plan you can watch 20o hours of Youtube videos each month, you never know when you might go over that 2 gigs.

Last year, AT&T also offered an unlimited plan, but has long since gotten rid of it in order to generate revenue from the rising data usage from smartphones.

We have yet to see how long Verizon will sell its unlimited plan, but let’s all hope that they don’t get rid of it.

Verizon to Offer iPhone Users Unlimited Data –