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According to a German site called Macnotes, the Apple iPad 2 will supposedly be released on the first or second Saturday in April. It will only be available through the Apple store, and retailers such as Walmart and BestBuy might have to wait until October before they can sell the tablet.

This rumored release date is only for the United States. The iPad 2 is rumored to be going to other countries sometime in July.

Check out my previous article to find out more details.

Possible iPad 2 US Release Date Leaked.


Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg, posted in his blog saying, “I have it on good authority that Apple will be announcing the iPad 2 in the next 3-4 weeks, possibly Tuesday February 1st. The iPad 2 will feature a retina display and front/back camera. If you’re thinking of buying an iPad, hold off for now.”

There have been other rumors and mock-ups about the iPad two. Yesterday, I wrote about the most recent mock-up that arrived at CES. It met the specs disclosed by Kevin too.

More evidence that Apple is going to make a big product announcement is that they have held onto its “overstaffed holiday personnel at many retail stores.” Appleinsider said that Apple is limiting vacation time for its retail employees for a three-week period which starts towards the end of January. However, the company’s employees have no idea about what the big boys up top are planning.

Even so, I am excited for this news because I have been looking forward to being video chat on the iPad for a long time, and it seems that it is just around the corner.

I will provide more details as they come out.

Kevin Rose: iPad 2 Announced in ‘Next 3-4 Weeks’ | News & Opinion | PCMag.com.

iPad 2 Arrives At CES 2011

What?! The iPad 2?! Yup, that’s right! Apple has unveiled a model of its iPad 2 at this year’s CES!

Update: Sorry for the confusion, apparently this was just a mock-up made by some enthusiastic vendors. In other words, this is just a hopeful model of what’s to come.

So what features does this new iPad bring with it? Well…it has a rear camera, a different looking case (slightly less attractive in my opinion), and some differently arranged ports. Also, on the case, it says “128GB.” That means more space for those great apps from the ENORMOUS Apple app store!

So what do you think? Are you excited for the iPad 2?

iPad 2 Model Shows Up At CES, Cameras, New Design And All! | The APPera.

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