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In December, a group of hackers who call themselves failOverflow released a package of software that allows pirated games to be run on the PS3.

On Tuesday, Sony filed a lawsuit against failOverflow asking for a temporary restraining order to block the distribution of the package. FailOverflow posted on Twitter that their goal was to “be able to run Linux with dual-boot into GameOS, without 3D restrictions, on every PS3 currently out there” and not to encourage the use of pirated games.

Sony claims that the tools released violate U.S. copyright law, including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

The programs that are in the package include Metldr Keys, dePKG Firmware Decrypter, 3.55 6 Firmware Jailbreak code and Signing tool which allow access control, encryption and digital signature protection in the PS3. Games that are authorized to run on the PS3 have a unique digital signature which is not present on pirated games. With this package, the user can execute code that will enable the pirated games to run.

Sony Asks for Restraining Order Over PS3 Hack – PCWorld Business Center.


Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS has had some demoers already at CES. According to them, the 3DS is going to be a great handheld game console.

The 3D effects are really good, as shown by the game Pilotwings, which demoers were allowed to play. The game is simple; you fly a plane through a course of circles, or aim a jetpacked pilot at balloons floating in the sky. However, it provided good depth judgement and made it a lot easier to make it through the circles.

Also, demoers were allowed to watch a trailer for the movie Legend of the Guardians, which really showed how great the 3DS’ screen resolution is.

Old DS games, such as from the DS Lite, can still be played on the 3DS using an SD card, but they will not be played in 3D.

The representatives did not disclose any information about its specs or price. However, in a press event on January 19, it is expected that they will reveal the exact release date and some specs. The Nintendo 3DS that the demoers used was just a demo with unfinished hardware.

Hands on with the Nintendo 3DS at CES.

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