At this year’s CES, tablets were the big thing. Sure, there were 3D TVs (such as Panasonic’s giant) and laptops, but the main attraction was the variety of tablets there were. There were many famous and not-so-famous companies that tried their hand at designing tablets, but in my opinion, only the Motorola Xoom has a chance at knocking the iPad from its throne.

Despite the massive amounts of tablets, surprisingly few were even worth a second glance. All of the tablets have some sex-appeal, but they don’t have the hardware and software to back it up. Some of the tablets that were revealed had very few set features, such as the G Slate by LG which we only know will run Android 3.0 and will be compatible with T-mobile’s 4G network. Also, the Dell Streak runs outdated Android 2.2 software. Why would anyone want to spend hundreds of dollars on outdated software? One of last year’s best tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, is also still running Android 2.2. The company hasn’t even said if it will upgrade to Android 3.0. Why they do that, I don’t see.

So keep your eyes peeled this year for the barrage of tablets that will be hitting the market, and if ever, you need help deciding, just comment or email me, and I will do my best to help you.

The Associated Press: Tablets crowd gadget show, chasing iPad’s tail.