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When Spring Chief Executive Dan Hesse was asked by reporters in Detroit about whether Sprint would start selling the Apple iPhone, the CEO declined to answer, saying that his company “does not reveal conversations it has with third parties.”

However, many think that Sprint will follow in Verizon’s footsteps and sell the iPhone, first, because the CDMA variant of the iPhone Apple is making for Verizon is also compatible with  Sprint’s network in the US. Also, Sprint featured the iPhone in a commercial that was aired last March. It showed its 4G network being tethered to the iPhone over Wifi, telling customers to “make your iPhone 4G.”

AppleInsider | Sprint CEO offers ‘no comment’ on possibility of gaining Apple’s iPhone.


Changewave released the result of a survey of 2,050 U.S. wireless customers on Thursday. This survey was conducted a week before Verizon’s announcement on Tuesday that the iPhone will be available from Verizon starting February 10.

Of the AT&T customers who were surveyed, a whopping 16% of them said that they would switch to Verizon if they started offering the iPhone! Even not counting the iPhone, 15% of AT&T customers said that they would switch wireless providers anyways in the next 90 days!

To compare, only 4% of Verizon customers said that they planned to switch carriers in the next 3 months. They have the lowest percentage as 10% of Sprint customers said they planned to switch and 15% for T-Mobile.

Of the customers who said they planned to switch from AT&T, 42% said that it was because of poor reception and/or coverage. 27% said they wanted to switch because of dropped calls, and only 17% said that they were switching because of the cost of the service.

AppleInsider | 16% of AT&T customers plan to switch to Verizon for Apple’s iPhone – survey.

Tethering Enabled For All iPhones

All iPhones will have the Personal Hotspot, or tethering, capability similar to what Verizon announced yesterday for its iPhone that will be released Feb. 10.

This will enable the iPhone to create a wireless hotspot and allow five other devices to connect using the iPhone. This ability will come after the update to iOS version 4.3 according to a posting in Boy Genius Report.

They could not, however, contact Apple officials to confirm this statement, but Boy Genius Report relied on an unnamed source to confirm the statement that iPhones running iOS 4.3 will be able to use Personal Hotspot.

The technical acceptance of Personal Hotspot is set for March, so Verizon will have at least a month’s head start over other carriers, such as AT&T.

All iPhones reported to get Personal Hotspot with iOS v. 4.3 – Computerworld.

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(Updates share prices in final paragraph.)

Jan. 11 (Bloomberg) — Verizon Wireless will sell a version of Apple Inc.’s iPad tablet computer that can connect directly to its network, posing another challenge to AT&T Inc. as the carrier’s exclusive hold on the iPhone draws to a close.

Verizon will get an embedded chip in the iPad for use on its network, Francis Shammo, chief financial officer of Verizon Communications Inc., the parent of the wireless unit, said today in an interview in New York. IPad users currently need an extra device to connect to Verizon’s network. Shammo declined to say when the change may happen.

Verizon Wireless, the biggest U.S. mobile-phone carrier, began selling the iPad in its stores in a package with its credit card-sized Wi-Fi device in October for $629.99 to $829.99. Apple, which introduced the iPad in April, offers versions of the tablet that connect directly to AT&T’s network.

Apple, based in Cupertino, California, sold about 7.5 million iPads through September and, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc., may sell more than 37 million of the devices this year.

Verizon Wireless, based in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, said today it will begin selling the iPhone on its network to all customers on Feb. 10. AT&T, based in Dallas, had been the exclusive carrier of the smartphone since 2007.

Verizon Communications, which co-owns the wireless unit with Vodafone Group Plc, fell 56 cents to $35.36 at 4 p.m. in New York Stock Exchange composite trading. AT&T declined 43 cents to $27.91. Verizon has lost 1.2 percent this year and AT&T has declined 5 percent.

–With assistance from Amy Thomson in New York. Editors: Ville Heiskanen, Nick Turner

To contact the reporter on this story: Greg Bensinger in New York at gbensinger1@bloomberg.net

To contact the editor responsible for this story: Peter Elstrom at pelstrom@bloomberg.net

via Verizon Will Sell IPad That Connects to Its Network – BusinessWeek.

Verizon has finally announced that it will be carrying the iPhone 4 starting this year! This highly anticipated announcement was covered by several sites, including Gizmodo, ArsTechnica, and Wired. It is expected that with this announcement, Apple will get around 4 million new users!

However, by some, this isn’t considered big news because to get the unlimited data plan that will be offered, people have to sign a two-year contract. This is bad news to some because in June, Apple will probably come out with a newer version of the iPhone anyways, so I suggest to just wait a few months.

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