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According to a German site called Macnotes, the Apple iPad 2 will supposedly be released on the first or second Saturday in April. It will only be available through the Apple store, and retailers such as Walmart and BestBuy might have to wait until October before they can sell the tablet.

This rumored release date is only for the United States. The iPad 2 is rumored to be going to other countries sometime in July.

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Possible iPad 2 US Release Date Leaked.


Last month, Acer released three Android tablets, one of which was a 4.8-inch smartphone and tablet hybrid. As Acer puts it, “[it’s] 100 percent phone, 100 percent tablet.”

Acer has confirmed that this “phoneblet” will be coming to the US in April. It will run on either Froyo or Honeycomb. They are in the middle of discussing carrier partnerships, but it will most likely be carried by AT&T or T-Mobile. However, an Acer spokesperson hinted slightly that it might also be available from Verizon.

Unfortunately, the demoers at CES could not turn the phone on, so therefore could not see how fast it is and how good the screen resolution is. It seems that to find out, we will have to wait another few months until it arrives in the US.

Acer’s 4.8-inch phoneblet will head to a US carrier this year — Engadget.


Like I posted before, tablets are taking over this year’s CES. The Japanese company NEC has revealed its dual-screen tablet which opens up like a book. Although it runs Android 2.1, it’s a pretty sweet looking tablet.

It has two 7-inch screens which are not as sensitive as other tablets. It comes equipped with a stylus (eww) for those who have trouble with its sensitivity.

The ARM  Cortex A8 processor
is pretty good with changing apps and surfing the web. You can open your apps to cover both screens, which makes reading a lot easier. You can also read something on the left side, and open up a zoomed portion of it on the right side, which is a pretty handy feature for those that are vision-impaired.

It weighs 1.2 pounds, which is a little less than an iPad and is 1 inch thick when closed. There are three buttons and a track pad on the bottom of the left side.

Sadly, NEC representatives said that it will first debut in Japan in the next 6 months, but there are no formal plans to expand into other countries. So you’ll have to travel to Japan if you want to try out this revolutionary tablet.

Some specs:

  • Each screen is 800×600
  • Wifi is 802.11b/g
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • SDHC card slot and USB port
  • Mono speaker
  • GPS and accelerometer built-in


Hands On: NEC LT-W Dual-Screen Tablet | News & Opinion | PCMag.com.

That’s right. The iPad now has a new contender worthy of its prestige; the Motorola Xoom. It was revealed at CES 2011 and is the first Android Honeycomb tablet. It weighs a little more than the Samsung Galaxy Tab but around the same weight as the iPad.

Right as you turn it on, the home screen amazes you. It looks complex, but is simple at the same time. Everything you need is right there, with a very sexy feel to it. The apps are designed to take advantage of the screen resolution. For instance, the Gmail widget has a scrollable inbox, and the Calender shows all your appointments for each day.

Most of the apps that come with the phone have been tweaked to take full advantage of the screen. The web browser, Google Chrome, uses the same tab style as on a desktop. One really cool feature is that the Youtube app shows videos in a 3D wall, similar to Safari’s new-tab page. Also, in Google maps, you can choose 3D mode, which displays the outline of buildings in over 100 cities.

This tablet definitely has the stuff to compete head-on with the iPad.

Motorola Xoom review: First Look | IT PRO Reviews.


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