Last month, Acer released three Android tablets, one of which was a 4.8-inch smartphone and tablet hybrid. As Acer puts it, “[it’s] 100 percent phone, 100 percent tablet.”

Acer has confirmed that this “phoneblet” will be coming to the US in April. It will run on either Froyo or Honeycomb. They are in the middle of discussing carrier partnerships, but it will most likely be carried by AT&T or T-Mobile. However, an Acer spokesperson hinted slightly that it might also be available from Verizon.

Unfortunately, the demoers at CES could not turn the phone on, so therefore could not see how fast it is and how good the screen resolution is. It seems that to find out, we will have to wait another few months until it arrives in the US.

Acer’s 4.8-inch phoneblet will head to a US carrier this year — Engadget.