Today, Ford just revealed its all-electric car. It doesn’t even have a gasoline engine to back up the electric engine. It is supposed to be able to charge in 3 to 4 hours using at-home, wall-mounted 240-volt charge station and can get 80 to 100 miles per charge. It has a maximum speed of 84 mph, slower than gas-powered cars, but plenty for normal travel.

Also, Ford has made a smartphone app that allows you to keep track of your electric car. It can change your charge settings and help you find charge stations nearby. When you open the app, it tells you where your car is, its current charge level, and how long it will take to get it to full charge. To help you conserve as much electricity as possible, there is a display on the dashboard that evaluates your driving and tells you ways you can save electricity, such as not jamming and releasing the gas pedal.

This car comes with the usual Ford package: Sync with 911 assist, vehicle health report and traffic directions and information, audio from Sony, in-car Wifi, and push button start. This car will be available later in the year and is the first of five new electric vehicles Ford will make by 2013 in North America and Europe.

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