The newly revealed LG Optimus is crazy fast. With a dual-core Tegra 2 processor, it allows you to fly through pages and applications in the blink of an eye. LG also claims that it is very good for video games because of its fast speed. It has a 4-inch display and a resolution of 480×800. The phone is pretty light at 4.9 ounces and it is 4.95 inches long, 2.5 inches wide and less than half an inch thick.

It will ship with Android 2.2, but most likely will be able to be upgraded to Android 3.0. It is a global phone, meaning that it will probably first be seen in Asia and Europe, and possibly come to the United States. Even if it does arrive in America, some people worry that it won’t have a carrier.

I sure hope that this speedy phone will arrive in America sometime in 2011 and will be one of the first to buy it.

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