Yes, I know, I know. This has nothing to do with technology, but I felt the urge to write about this. She has made a miraculous recovery so far, and the whole of America is praying for her.

Just today, Dr. Rhee, her doctor, said that she can breath by herself now, but they are keeping a breathing mask on her so that she doesn’t develop complications such as pneumonia.

The person who shot her, Jared Laughner, has gone to court already. He is a man of many problems. He has been very into lucid dreams, which is when a person can control what happens in his/her dream. In lucid dreams, things can be done with no consequence, such as murder. Investigators wonder if his lucid dreaming could have influenced his shootings. One of his neighbors said that the first time he described this person to his mother, he called him a “serial killer.”

The 9 year old girl shot and killed by Laughner was mourned and remembered today at her school. In addition to this little girl, 5 others were also killed and mourned today.

Speculators think that what caused this shooting rampage was the political state in the country. There are so many different views, and when a person who is a little psychologically “messed-up” gets pushed over the edge, he might do something crazy such as this.