Recently, an IBM computer won the practice round on Jeopardy against two top contestants. This is a huge deal in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) world. It shows that AI has come a long long way in simulating human thought.

John Kelly, the director of IBM Research said, “We have created a computer system which has the ability to understand natural human language, which is a very difficult thing for a computer to do.” “In the field of artificial intelligence, people spend their lifetimes trying to advance that science inches. What Watson does and has demonstrated is the ability to advance the field of artificial intelligence by miles.”

Who is Watson you say? Watson is the name of the machine. It’s named after the legendary IBM president Thomas Watson. This machine showcases the company’s computing expertise and research in advanced science.

Watson won in the first practice round, earning $4,400. Ken Jennings, who won 74 consecutive games during the show’s 2004-2005 season, trailed a little with $3,400. Finally, Brad Rutter, who has earned a cumulative $3.3 million on Jeopardy, was in last.

IBM prepares for machine vs man Jeopardy! showdown | Reuters.