Changewave released the result of a survey of 2,050 U.S. wireless customers on Thursday. This survey was conducted a week before Verizon’s announcement on Tuesday that the iPhone will be available from Verizon starting February 10.

Of the AT&T customers who were surveyed, a whopping 16% of them said that they would switch to Verizon if they started offering the iPhone! Even not counting the iPhone, 15% of AT&T customers said that they would switch wireless providers anyways in the next 90 days!

To compare, only 4% of Verizon customers said that they planned to switch carriers in the next 3 months. They have the lowest percentage as 10% of Sprint customers said they planned to switch and 15% for T-Mobile.

Of the customers who said they planned to switch from AT&T, 42% said that it was because of poor reception and/or coverage. 27% said they wanted to switch because of dropped calls, and only 17% said that they were switching because of the cost of the service.

AppleInsider | 16% of AT&T customers plan to switch to Verizon for Apple’s iPhone – survey.