All iPhones will have the Personal Hotspot, or tethering, capability similar to what Verizon announced yesterday for its iPhone that will be released Feb. 10.

This will enable the iPhone to create a wireless hotspot and allow five other devices to connect using the iPhone. This ability will come after the update to iOS version 4.3 according to a posting in Boy Genius Report.

They could not, however, contact Apple officials to confirm this statement, but Boy Genius Report relied on an unnamed source to confirm the statement that iPhones running iOS 4.3 will be able to use Personal Hotspot.

The technical acceptance of Personal Hotspot is set for March, so Verizon will have at least a month’s head start over other carriers, such as AT&T.

All iPhones reported to get Personal Hotspot with iOS v. 4.3 – Computerworld.